Saturday, June 11, 2011 it hurting what it portrays?

Twilight, one of the most terrible things ever created for the more modern mythology. This series I believe is doing more harm then good to everything they encompass. They are like the My Chemical Romance of monsters, the emos if you will. Back in my day, when this wasnt around, We had real books Like Dracula from Bram Stokers. Hell, even Ann Rice did some nice content (depending on who you talk to). Underworld, Blade, also great additions to the monster "scene". But here comes Twilight...a book/movie that portrays werewolves and vampires in a completely different light. I would say a bad one. Lets just get past the terrible writing, lets get past the bad character developement. Lets just talk about the vampires. Now usually vampires dont sparkle, thats for damn sure. First off vampires and other types of monsters do not even attempt to integrate into modern society, for that would be a risk to all of their kind if they kept being found. A school  that you would need birth certificates besides the numerous other types of bills and whatever else would have them asking alot of questions. Thats flawed right thing the writer didnt do research on.
Vampires and the like need to be underground (not in caves or sewers) but out of the general population. Sure they can hold down jobs, but usually it will be very low income jobs since anything that needs a security clearance usually isnt possible unless you are higher up in the ranks, and if you arent places there by nobility, then you will probably be nobility, and then you dont even need a job.

Ok I get it, its a romance novel about people who shouldnt be together but are, and then this other side comes along and then its a triangle. But when you add bad writing, you are giving off the impression that they are just purely different then how they should be. Ok sure writer creativity can be used to put a new spin on things. But not if its bad writing. Its like saying "oh my version of werewolves can now fly, and shoot lazers, because its my artistic vision". Thats terrible. Im not going to bitch about their strengths and weaknesses, since thats actually up to whoever is writing it to decide. Like Criminal Macabre, a comic about a detective that goes around solving mysteries when it comes to "the underworld". Really really good, had its own backstory on where the diseases originated from, how the communities are for all the different races, and then some. Very good writing and creativity. Twilight reads just like some 14 year old fanfic that knew nothing about the subject matter, except what they think they saw on tv. Its just very straightforward and predictable. I have seen better twists on a snail shell.

The last book, oh lawd, the last book is just something that is just...pure fucking aweful. So ignoring the fact that having a vampire baby is faster then anything else on the god damn planet....they ended up cutting the werewolf from the god damn picture, without even tying up loose ends. "oh ok i didnt get picked, guess thats it for my character. have fun, bye now".  So again now that part is out of the way, another fucking coven or w/e comes along (vampire group) and starts shit AGAIN, like there isnt anything left, so the writer pulls the same shit twice. Its not some intricate plot that is just mindblowing, its another fucking group, fucking with them again. I doubt the writer even tried with the rest of this, well trying might as well mean eating icecream off the floor, since thats what the style reminded me of...pure fucking disgusting.

If anything this person just made vampires look retarded as all hell. Forget the lore that has been set up far before and captured a sort of essence if you will about these races. She comes along and takes a huge dump on it all. Like her writing ability. Just ate some alphabet soup and shit on a blank book. And all these fangirls will be like "oh if i meet a vampire or werewolf we will fall in love and go happily ever after somewhere". No, thats wrong you fucking retards. What that means is you are food, and you are dead. Good job. You are now  being shoved into the sewers to hide your discarded meatsac of a body...unless it was werewolves then its just broken bones with the marrow sucked out of it.

Well fuck you Twilight, I hope your movie flops and I hope all of the Twilight fan's children gets sids.


  1. Hah, I highly doubt it'll flop. But thanks for the post, it's a good read.

  2. Try the UK version of Being Human, it will help you like vampires again they don't sparkle and the men in the show are uglier then the women for the most part.